Frequently Asked Questions


LYKEO is a Palo Alto based Ecosystem LYKEO focused on longevity and human aging. Lab Venture accelerates the implementation, acquisition, and financing of innovations. Our platform matches emerging technologies and investment targets by offering scouting and validation services to both sides of equation – Tech Providers and Tech Seekers. Aging Care is an innovative program  to expand the healthy habits that enhance longevity and life expectancy. The objective of Future Research is forecasting the impact that the phenomenon of longevity can generate in the next 15 years.

Lykeo is for anyone who has a technological solution to offer or a technological problem to solve in the Longevity space. This includes Tech Providers as engineers, scientists, universities, research centers, startups, and Tech Seekers as corporate venturing, venture capital and angel investors.

Yes. All the Lykeo’s services are free. Tech Providers can publish their solutions and connect with Tech Seekers to validate them through a reviewing process. Tech Seekers can post their expertise profile, search for tech solutions and validate them.


Yes. Some organizations have both a Tech Seeker and a Tech Provider profiles. In this case, the main corporate user can invite to other users in his/her organization to register as Tech Seekers or Tech Providers.


Tech Providers should publish innovative solutions capable of adding value to the Longevity and Aging space. We welcome any proposition framed in some of these 9 innovation areas: Fundamental Biology; Physiology and Homeostasis, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Nutritional Health, Physical Mobility and Exercise, Sensory Health and Communication, Financial and Material Security, Digital Solutions and Hardware Devices.

All types. New products, prototypes in development, or simple concepts are all acceptable. Lykeo is a suitable environment to show and validate innovations in different stages.


Tech Providers can identify and choose reviewers from the Tech Seekers side, and receive feedback in an agile and friendly way. We do this by a short questionnaire where the reviewers choose the statement that most identifies with their point of view.

It works in three simple steps:

Describe your Solution.

Each submission should include a description of the problem or challenge and the solution’s competitive advantage. The description does not need to include detailed technical information. The publication of this information is only a first step.

Send your Solution.

The Tech Provider chooses the reviewers from the Tech Seeker side through our Finder and decides if these evaluators should be included in the valuation panel. It’s best to select reviewers based on their experience and knowledge shown on their personal profile. Their profile will show their areas of expertise and professional experience.

Receive feedback.
The reviewers complete the questionnaire and add comments. The results are then sent to the proposer. If there’s interest from individual Tech Seekers they will establish a direct contact with the Tech Provider. Then, if necessary, you can expand on your description to the Tech Seeker.

This is a fast and general evaluation, based on what the reviewer already knows. In-depth research is not necessary for the proposition evaluation. The evaluators select the option in each section that best represents their viewpoint:

Competitive Advantage

• The solution could have a significant competitive advantage. It deserves a closer look.

• With some changes, the solution could have a competitive advantage.

• The solution does not have a competitive advantage.

• The description is lacking sufficient information to properly evaluate its competitive advantage.


• I’m not aware of similar solutions on the market.

• There are similar solutions on the market, but I think this one could stand out on its own.

• This solution is indistinguishable from other solutions that already exist on the market.

•Please list the URL’s of similar solutions:


• My organization could be interested in this solution. I would like to connect with the TechProvider.

• My organization probably will not be interested in this solution.

• (Independent) I know some people/organizations that could be interested in this solution. I would like to connect with the Tech Provider.

Yes. Proposers will receive the completed questionnaires as well as any comments made by the reviewers.

Yes. It is essential for the Tech Seekers to have public profiles in order to be selected as reviewers by the proposers according to position and market knowledge. The evaluation may lead to a collaboration that goes beyond the initial review, so transparency is fundamental.

Not necessarily. Each Tech Provider decides if they want to be identified by the reviewers or remain anonymous. If a proposer submits for review anonymously they can avoid biased feedback based on their identity.


A central place to track new technological innovation in Longevity and Antiaging space. We have the most complete and up-to- date information on new solutions. Lykeo is an open call for ideas, prototypes, and innovations that otherwise may not be easy to find.

Visibility to the main players in the market and possibility of obtaining financing for the further development of innovation projects.


All Tech Seekers are well-known and verified organizations. They sign an agreement that prohibits sharing this information with third parties. Tech Providers should keep in mind that the evaluations are not an exhaustive analysis. The summaries, and the feedback provided are general, and based on first impressions. The provider does not have to reveal all the important details of their solution. If the initial feedback confirms interest, both parties may agree to sign mutual confidentiality agreements before the Tech Provider divulges more detailed information.