LYKEO launches a beta to support the Marketing of Innovations in Longevity

LYKEO launches a beta to support the Marketing of Innovations in Longevity

LYKEO launches a private beta to support the time to market process of innovative technologies in the Longevity and Life-Span sector. We do this by tracking the most relevant innovative findings, offering validation and marketing services and managing an active community of experienced and knowledgeable members who participate in every step of the process. The platform connects those who have exciting new ideas in the Aging Innovation space with key people in the market.

We scout innovations in nine key areas related to Longevity and Healthy Aging: Fundamental Biology, Physiology and Homeostasis, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Nutritional Health, Physical Mobility and Exercise, Sensory Health and Communication, Financial and Material Security, Digital Solutions and Hardware Devices.

We aspire to create a world where genius is rewarded. We calculate that more than K100 value propositions are created annually in the form of new and innovative concepts, prototypes, technologies and product design. These ideas – created by entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, scientists, and engineers – are designed to improve our quality of life. However, the reality is that only a small number of these projects (less than 5% according to some estimates) manage to materialize in the marketplace. Most of the proposals die along the way, wasting valuable time and resources.

LYKEO is a Palo Alto (USA) and Madrid (Spain) based startup. It was awarded first place in a start-ups competition hosted by the University of Rey Juan Carlos’ Chair of Intelligence Services and Democratic Systems. The competition, “The Future Democratization of Intelligence”, was a commemorative event marking the 10th anniversary of the Chair. The jury selected 10 finalists comprised of entrepreneurial and research projects that were presented by team representatives for 15 minutes. The contest sought to reward innovative projects within the world of intelligence and analysis in order to support entrepreneurial projects that foster competitive intelligence within the economic and business fields.

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